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His enthusiasm and high energy level has excited audiences from New York to Washington. Thousands have received revelation, healing, and freedom through his obedience in teaching God’s Word.

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Author & Teacher

Dr. Saba loves the Lord. He is a known author, teacher, and a mentor to many, yet he prefers to be known as a son and friend of God. His insight into the Tabernacle of Moses and its correlations to the physical body has allowed him to share Godly revelation to our identity in Christ to thousands of people. Thousands have experienced deliverance, healing, and new relationship with the Heavenly Father through his obedience to God’s Word. God has also given him a message to the church to repent and make itself ready to be the Bride whom the Groom is coming back for. Sadly, many go to church but few have become the church. Christ is not coming back for brick and mortar but for those that are the church without spot.  Talk to Dr. John
Bride of Christ

New Book

Est. 2019
In the wake of Jeanine’s death, the Holy Spirit has given revelation about the same symptoms Dr. Saba’s bride went through are parallel to what the church of today is going through.  The same pain that Dr. Saba went through is a parallel of what the Groom is going through with his Bride, the church, has inflected on Him.

Jeanine's Death

The suffering of dementia and death of Jeanine brought about much pain, yet at the same time incredible revelation from the Holy Spirit.  Jeanine Saba will forever be remembered by thousands.
Identity Book

Book Published

Published his first book called “Identity: You Are The Tabernacle of God.”
It has recently been turned into a study book format used in for classrooms and a guide to study the human body via the Tabernacle of Moses. Learn more about “Identity: You Are The Tabernacle of God”

Aurora College

Received his Doctor of Divinity degree from Aurora College Georgia in 2002.

Jeanine Little

On April 28, 1962 John married Jeanine Little of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania and they lived in Pittsburgh.In 1972 they moved to Michigan where they celebrated 53 years of marriage.As of 2017, he is proud to have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Hahnemann U.H.

Attended Hahnemann University Hospital in 1960.   Hahnemann University Hospital Website…

Wilkes University

Graduated from Wilkes University in 1959 after many scholarships, honors, and awards.   Wilkes University Website – Honor Roll…


Dr. John Saba was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on December 19, 1937. Wilkes-Barre is near the North-East side of Pennsylvania.  Events that happened the year I was born…


My Experience

I am known as an apostle, evangelist, teacher, doctor, and mentor but the one that means anything to me is when I am known by my Heavenly Father as son and friend. What is in a title if you are not living the life that brings evidence to its label?


Bride of Chirst

God is coming back for a bride, yet the bride that we know as the church is far from being the one God is coming back for.   Through the suffering and death of Dr. Saba’s own bride the Holy Spirit has reveled astonishing parallels to the church of today.  Dr. Saba is currently in the process of writing another book based on those revelations of the Bride of Christ.  He is also being asked to speak to leaders and churches on how to become the bride God is wanting. Talk to Dr. John
Teacher and Speaker

The Tabernacle


John Saba is one of the nations leading authorities on the Tabernacle of Moses and its correlations to the human body.  His love for Christ, the lost, and his desire to see the children of God living free as they are designed to be is second to none.

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TV and Radio

Through out the years Dr. Saba has hosted TV shows, has been a special guest on shows, and was on the panel of Ask The Pastor national TV show.  His desire to reach people he may never be able to meet face-to-face gives him the enthusiasm to be on radio programs and TV shows.  It’s not for the fame but for the Father.
Identity Book

Book Published

Published his first book called “Identity: You Are The Tabernacle of God.”
It has recently been turned into a study book format used in for classrooms and a guide to study the human body via the Tabernacle of Moses.

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Let's Talk

Let me be transparent with you.  There are times I am very busy teaching and speaking and there are times I am waiting for the Lord to take me to my next engagement.  I’m in no rush to be anywhere but where God wants me.  If you believe the Lord is wanting me to come speak at your conference, church or group please contact me.

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I have discovered that there are several social media venues that were created for me, now they have set dormant.  Little-by-little I am scrubbing this issue clean and starting over with more professional support.

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It’s not about how many likes you can get but how many lives He can get.

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