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Communion | Holy Eucharist

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Communion | Holy Eucharist

As we begin this study please remember that communion is “common union” and Holy Eucharist is “you in Christ.”

The early church services were centered and focused around the breaking of bread in the fellowship of the believers.

The words of Jesus spoken to Simon before Simon became Peter teaches us that there must be a breaking or a sifting of our current individual identity before we can return to our original identity.

Luke 22:31 “And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold Satan desired to have you that he may SIFT you as WHEAT.”

After WHEAT is sifted be going through the threshing floor of life and situations, it becomes the FLOUR to again form the BREAD which shows no individual identity.

Through this process we, the believers, are thereby able to come together as ONE. There is only one bread, one spirit, one spirit, ONE BRIDE OF CHRIST. In this manner, we offer our bodies (plural) as A (singular) living sacrifice. We become ONE in Christ as thereby ONE with each other.

WE DO THIS IN RE-MEMBRANCE OF HIM or the RE- uniting of His members to again be ONE in Him. His only prayer was that we be ONE.

We did not choose Him. He did not choose us. The Hebrew bride is chosen by the Father of the groom and the Father pays her dowry. Wow, the creator of the universe and all there is chose us to be in the same fashion or manner that the individual kernel of WHEAT must lose its individual identity to take on the identity of the BREAD, the individual GRAPE must lose its identity to become identified as the GRAPE JUICE or WINE.

At the Jewish wedding feast or celebration after the bride and groom drink their individual cups of wine, the bride breaks or smashes her now empty cup. This act symbolizes her losing her previous identity and now taking on her new identity of the groom. She thereby loses her identity into the identity of the groom. Whenever possible while ministering the communion service, I ask the participants to break their wine glasses after they drank the wine as they replace their personal identities with HIS.

This is the real meaning of the communion or Holy Eucharist.

The following information is for those who desire to read “deep calling to deep”.

Of interest is the fact that both the grinding of the wheat and the crushing or pressing of the grapes are done by the Hebrew women. In Genesis 1:27 God created us as both male and female. The male part of us is our spirit and the female part of us is our soul or our fleshly realm.

The WORD OF GOD was given to us to separate our flesh realm from our spirit realm so we can become less like us and more like Him. As Paul said the more that he decreases, the more God increases in him.

The flesh genealogy of Jesus which is in Luke 3:23-38 consists of 75 generations. In the Tabernacle of Moses where the “first church was” the flesh of the sacrificial animal was placed on the brazen (judgement) altar. Specifically, this alter measured 5 x 5 x 3 (75) cubits.

The spirit genealogy of Christ which is in Matthew 1:1-17 consists of 42 generations. The Tabernacle of Moses was moved 42 times before it crossed over (Passover) into the promised land. The forty-second move was only completed AFTER everyone was circumcised (flesh removed).

The NUMBERS of 75 minus 42 equals 33 is the number of years that the flesh man Jesus (the carpenter’s son) took to return to the Father as the Christ.

Truly, a child IS BORN and HE SHALL BE CALLED the son of God.

He had to go through a PROCESS of 33 years. He did not come to show us how to live. He came to show us how to die; how we should go through our process of returning back to the Father. We are reconciled BACK TO GOD WHICH MEANS WE WERE ONCE WITH HIM.


The process begins with the power of the Holy Spirit. That is why He said to stay here in Jerusalem until the POWER is come upon you. The believers prayed and waited for 50 days for Pentecost to occur and them to then move to their next location.

The Tabernacle in the wilderness remained at its first location for

50 days before it moved as is moved only when the cloud or the fire moved.

At the sound of the trumpets, the tabernacle moved to the next location designated by either the Fire or The Cloud.

Daily we go through this process if we choose to become more like Him. Gradually we become Christ. NOT THE CHRIST.

WE become the forty-second generation, the chosen generation.

Matthew1:17 from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.” In this genealogy listing, Jesus is the thirteenth and Christ is the fourteenth generation.

In the communion service, the bread is the 13th; the wine is the 14th.


Daily, in my personal prayer room or location I break bread and drink water as I physically have communion with the Lord.

Initially I used to say, “Make me like YOU.”  Later the Lord corrected me to say, “Make me YOU.”

The very first time that we had (not take; you can’t take) communion was in Genesis 14:18. Here, Melchizadek, who exists in a NO TIME ZONE CALLED KYROS, “brought forth” the bread and the wine. These were taken from the Passover meal of Luke 22.

When Melchizadek was having communion with Abram, we were there. We, being the seed of Abraham, were in the loins of Abram just as Levi in Hebrews 7:9&10 paid tithes while he was in the loins of his father Abraham.

And for those that desire to “go deeper.”