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The Birth of Jesus

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The Birth of Jesus

There are over fifty chapters in the Word of God that relate to the Tabernacle, and yet all of creation is less than two chapters. The Tabernacle is in over fifty chapters of God because He wanted to give us a message. In Acts 18 and 19 when Paul was ministering, he was ministering to the Jews and he was using scriptures to prove Jesus was the Messiah. He was using the scriptures to prove Jesus was the Christ. He was using the Old Testament because the New Testament did not yet exist. Technically, the New Testament is the renewed Testament. Jesus said, “Not a jot nor a title will I remove, and it will not pass away. Heaven and earth will pass away, but it, My Word won’t pass away.” There is no jot or title in the Greek nor in the English. It’s only in the Hebrew because He came here to fulfill the Law, to do and complete it all.

So, when we witness, we must use the Old Testament to prophesy what the prophets prophesied; that He shall be born; a virgin shall give birth; that He is the son of David; that He would come out of Egypt and that the Messiah was coming. When they say in the Greek, ‘The Christ,’ that is ‘He’ that went to the cross, but when just the word Christ is used, that’s us. The last verse in Obadiah says, “the saviors.” That’s us. When we come to Mount Zion, the fourteenth generation from the Babylonian captivity to Jesus Christ, Jesus is the thirteenth; Christ is the fourteenth. The forty-two generations in Matthew, the forty-second generation is us. That’s the spirit man. There are forty-two generations in Matthew that signify Christ. There are seventy-five generations in Luke where it talks about the man who was the flesh covering for The Christ. That was Jesus. The genealogy of Jesus from Adam to Jesus is seventy-five. The genealogy of The Christ who was inside is only forty-two generations. The difference between the forty-two generations and the seventy-five generations is thirty-three.

Isaiah said it so well; “A babe, a child shall be born, but He shall be called the Son of God.” He had to go through a process. It took Him thirty-three years to go through the process. He went through the process by learning obedience. He went from the Jesus to the Christ. He went from the Son of Man to the Son of God. He always was the Son of God on the inside but the son of God manifesting on the outside was when He came back and out of the tomb. On that glorious day when He came out of the tomb, she looked at Him and thought He was the gardener. He was in the form of the first Adam. He was in the form of a gardener to remind us He was the very first Adam. So, He came back as the second Adam. Study Genesis again. In Genesis 2:24 Adam says, ‘So shall a man leave his mother and his father and cleave to his wife.’ How would Adam know that? It wasn’t Adam. That was the CHIRSTOS, the second Adam inside the first Adam, because He was always there. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.